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Hey It's me Robert. I'm just finally getting to this. I'm not going to make this long cause I hate typing.

I've loved poetry all my life, even before i knew what it was but I knew I was missing a void. I'm not a good writer i'm more of a reader, but i did a little of a try. I dont usually have poetry running through my veins its usually like a time of a season that I get a surge of creativity. but meanwhile I love to read and I want to find like a poetry cafe to listen but i cant find any. I guess my town isnt artistic enough. oh well, well tell me about my poetry. I knows its not the best but its my baby. hopefully I'll get more in tune later in life.

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One Thought

I'm lying in bed
and a shiver runs down my spine
and I cant go to sleep
and then a simple yet ungainly question runs through my head
'what have you done with your life? '
and another flash
this time despair runs through
attacking every strand of hair on the back of my neck
reminding me of those days as a child

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