Robert Jones

Rookie (Huntington, WV)

Biography of Robert Jones

BA in Journalism (News Editoral) University of Florida
MA in Liberal Arts, Marshall University.
I've written 2 complete novels, severeal short stories. Won several awards and have had short stories published in Highlights For Children, The New Yorker, and Etc. Literary Magizine.

Robert Jones's Works:

Thoughts on Appalachia (a collect of Appalachian poetry) Mind Things (a collection of dark poetry) ,
Death Embraces me (collection of death poetry)
I'm currently submitting a novel 'A Life' to publishers for consideration. Updates

Gradiant Green

</>Housed inside that marble hull
where once the colours shinned
and thrust before that man-made wall
with chains we are are bind.

Hope ends here
destiny follows greed
and yellow is the rose
or the mustard seed.

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