Robert Kallend

Rookie (30/12/1994 / Hammersmith)

Robert Kallend Poems

1. L.O.V.E 4/27/2011
2. Late At Night! 4/27/2011
3. Forever Sorry! 4/27/2011
4. When I Am Dead! 4/27/2011
5. Being Alive 4/27/2011
6. A Poetic Tale 4/27/2011
7. Three Little Words 4/27/2011
8. Everything For A Smile! 4/27/2011
9. Smile For The People! 4/27/2011
10. Inspirations 4/27/2011
11. Emotions 4/27/2011
12. The Utility Room Of Shame! 4/27/2011
13. Letting Go 4/27/2011
14. It's All About You! 5/1/2011
15. True Affection 4/27/2011
16. A Wall Of Masks 4/27/2011
17. Dreaming In Reality! 5/25/2011
18. In The Dark 6/14/2011
19. Never Content! 8/28/2011
20. Lonley Hearts Shatter! 8/28/2011
21. One Life! One Chance! One Goal! 8/28/2011
22. Setting Sun 10/24/2011
23. Heads Held High 11/14/2011
24. Sigh 1/22/2012
25. Where Do I Stand? 4/27/2011
26. All That's Left Are Memories! 4/27/2011
27. What Is Death? 4/27/2011
28. Simple Feelings 4/27/2011
29. Bright Eyes 4/27/2011
30. The Circle Of Life! 4/27/2011
31. Silence Is Golden, Ignorance Is Bliss 4/27/2011
32. Casanova 4/27/2011

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Best Poem of Robert Kallend


To write a poem one must be truly inspired,
so write it for the girl you deeply desired.
think of words that describe her well,
like pretty and interesting, jolly and swell.
take an aspect of her that you like,
and see how she smiles in utter delight.
you wrote her a poem a rhyme in a verse,
it works like a charm like a bad witches curse.
and then she is yours to kiss and to hold,
and that is when she must be told.
it is not a one off and you really do care,
or she'll be gone, dispersed back into thin air.
count your blessings for i do not lie,

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The Circle Of Life!

Life. A circle, a quickly resolved cycle, to which we all meet the same outcome,
We spend our lives waiting. For the day that the reaper removes us from this world.
The mind, a constant learning machine that gives us skills,
Always learning, always working until its day of expiry and so too does it die.
Eyes, a pair of lenses that allow us to see the world for what it is,
Once poisoned and blinded by society’s pull is the world once more but dark.
The heart, the centre for our emotions,

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