Robert L. Bixler III Poems

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Thine Beginning

There reside’th, in thineself, a caustic evil.
One such the world hath tasted
As I tore’th at existence’s very navel;
Not would’th survived un-wasted.

Thy Loving Sacrifice

Lyrical verse of a cold harmony,
Follow the calling to thy very knee.
When thee are called from the grave,
It will be’th thyself who invokes the knave.

Frigid Zero

Ages wane and waves crash,
Seasons change and storms roll,
Still love remains keenly abash
As my heart does evermore loll.


Desires of isolation reside,
Not in the genetics of man
But are bred conditionals to abide
With a most disdainful omen.

The Rave

It is only with a guarded heart
That I have sailed these tormenting seas,
Where, before crystal gaze start,
Cold dagger brings loving cease.

Surely She Knows

I beckon to the ever rising sun,
Whose dawn casts golden hue,

Surely she knows…

Seduction's Dance

Through pounding music, smoked scene
My soul rested poignantly upon your poach.
Wrapped in the atmosphere, I drowned in your eyes.
A slow, soft buzz and smooth touch bred all the lies

Stary-Eyed Lover (Work In Progress)

(I don't feel like this one is complete.... I have just run out of inspiration to continue the metaphor.... maybe time will bring me back to it.)

Across soft, white sand solitary footsteps track
To the single beauty of tonight’s late hour.

Seven Pounds

Seven pounds of my soul cries for such salvation,
To give all of myself and turn disaster into redemption.
What would appear as apparent, calculated self destruction
Feints the obvious undertones of beautiful creation.

Age Of Jester

Trapped in Newtonian logic,
I was lost in a sea of rationale.
Blinded in encompassing physique,
Entranced in jesting femme fatale.