Robert Louis Stevenson

(1850-1894 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

Robert Louis Stevenson Poems

201. As In Their Flight The Birds Of Song 12/31/2002
202. Foreign Lands 1/3/2003
203. Fairy Bread 1/3/2003
204. After Reading "Antony And Cleopatra" 12/31/2002
205. Since Thou Hast Given Me This Good Hope, O God 12/31/2002
206. Happy Thought 1/3/2003
207. Travel 1/3/2003
208. Christmas At Sea 3/30/2010
209. The Land Of Nod 1/3/2003
210. Good And Bad Children 1/3/2003
211. Winter-Time 1/3/2003
212. When The Sun Come After Rain 12/31/2002
213. The Cow 1/3/2003
214. About The Sheltered Garden Ground 12/31/2002
215. The Vagabond 1/3/2003
216. An English Breeze 12/31/2002
217. Armies In The Fire 1/3/2003
218. Autumn Fires 1/3/2003
219. As One Who Having Wandered All Night Long 12/31/2002
220. Bed In Summer 1/3/2003
221. The Moon 1/3/2003
222. Flower God, God Of The Spring 12/31/2002
223. Windy Nights 1/3/2003
224. At The Sea-Side 1/3/2003
225. The Land Of Counterpane 1/3/2003
226. A Good Play 1/3/2003
227. The Lamplighter 1/3/2003
228. The Wind 1/3/2003
229. A Valentine's Song 12/31/2002
230. At Last She Comes 12/31/2002
231. A Thought 1/3/2003
232. My Shadow 12/31/2002
233. Rain 1/3/2003
234. Requiem 1/3/2003
235. From A Railway Carriage 1/3/2003
236. Summer Sun 1/3/2003
237. A Good Boy 1/3/2003
238. The Swing 1/3/2003
239. Love, What Is Love 12/31/2002

Comments about Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Bernard Onoja (8/14/2011 11:32:00 PM)

    Robert is a poet per excellence.His style is simply but strikes the audience with precision. I would be honored if he can appraise my poems, i would be encouraged by his criticism

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    128 person did not like.
  • James Marcum (5/3/2011 11:57:00 AM)

    When I was a very young boy in school I was given a book of poetry written by Robert Louis of his poems has stuck with me all these years, 'The Land of Counterpane.' When I was ill and bed fast I would play with my toys among the bed-clothes. I guess most every young person has experienced this....

Best Poem of Robert Louis Stevenson

Love, What Is Love

LOVE - what is love? A great and aching heart;
Wrung hands; and silence; and a long despair.
Life - what is life? Upon a moorland bare
To see love coming and see love depart.

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In Lupum

BEYOND the gates thou gav'st a field to till;
I have a larger on my window-sill.
A farm, d'ye say? Is this a farm to you,
Where for all woods I spay one tuft of rue,
And that so rusty, and so small a thing,
One shrill cicada hides it with a wing;
Where one cucumber covers all the plain;
And where one serpent rings himself in vain
To enter wholly; and a single snail

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