Robert Mahoney

Rookie (January 3,1991 / Bellevue, Wa)

Biography of Robert Mahoney

My name is Robert Mahoney, and I write songs. Lots of songs. All kinds of songs. I love music and I love to write, and when music and lyrics meet and become one, the result is amazingly beautiful. All music has beauty, even the music I may not necessarily like. You'll come to see that I write not only from personal experience, though that is where most of my material comes from, but also from the issues of the world and other things that affect other people. Music is communication at a higher level. I aim to one day reach the masses with a heavenly cacophony of the most striking and awe inspiring chords and quality. Join me in my journey. You just might be amazed.

Music is Chaotic Divinity

Any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated. Updates


by Sasha Lynn Norwood and Robert Mahoney

Bed-ridden I lay here immobilized
Stricken down by the cancer
As they all search for an answer
I watch as my whole life passes by
And the future that I dreamt of fades away

And I can't remember

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