Robert McKay

Rookie (1986- / Burlington, Vermont)

Biography of Robert McKay

Robert McKay is from Burlington, Vermont. His first collection is Cities of rain (Honeybee Press,2012) . Recent poems appear in Existere, ditch, Siren, OccuPoetry, Measure, and others, and criticism in Vermont Digger and The Occupied Oakland Tribune. He is associate editor of The Salon, a letterpress journal.

Robert McKay's Works:

Cities of rain (Honeybee Press,2012) Updates


Grass drowns my eyes two unquenchable swimmers in its dream.
The dream of the clouds is a hot dream of devouring white.

Green heat overlaps the advancing tide of hills in its dulling waves.
A vast thumb rubs out the edges of everything. This creates the illusion

Of perspective, the illusion that we are moving through an ordered progression of space,
Instead of through History's circular jungle of thorns.

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