Robert Peacock

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Robert Peacock Quotes

  • ''Harbor No Hatred In Your Heart, For If You Do, There Will Be No Room For True Love!''
    So many people poisoned by hatred.
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  • ''Part of getting older is accepting the fact we are fighting a battle we will inevitably lose.''
  • ''Nobody Ever Solved A Problem By Losing Their Temper!''
    Life experience
  • ''Blame is a dangerous thing. The harder you try to place it on others, the more likely it is to have already found its rightful owner!''
  • ''When telling a lie is easier than telling the truth
    The way you respond is a measure of your couth.''
  • ''Don't dwell on the differences between fellow Americans, rejoice in the diversity''
  • ''Evil is always most easily identified when it's being perpetrated on you.''
  • ''Fear of expression due to fear of rejection stifles art.''
  • ''Finding happiness is sometimes as easy as realizing that you already have it.''
  • ''From seconds to an entire lifetime, the length of a women's memory often operates on a sliding scale.''

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Best Poem of Robert Peacock

Mother's Love

What’s warmer than the sun
On a hot August Day
And with a few spoken words
Can take your pain away

What’s stronger than any steel
Ever forged by man
And has been passed down through generations
Ever since the world began

What’s something you’ll carry with you
Until your dying day
It’s been there since before your birth
And can’t ever be taken away

What’s absolutely necessary
To sustain human life on earth
And there’s no way to establish
What it’s truly worth

What’s the strongest force in nature
And equal to no other
It’s ...

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Dark Angel

Dark Angel Your Beauty
Deceives The Light
For It’s Inside Of You
That Shines So Bright

Your Loving Caring
Giving Soul
Blankets Me Like Mist
On A Grassy Knoll

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