Robert Peacock

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Robert Peacock Quotes

  • ''He who trumpets only one song soon plays alone.''
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  • ''How you treat the people you don't like defines your character greater then how you treat the people you do!''
  • ''A marriage is not made by how the people act when things are going well but by how they act when things are going wrong.''
  • ''Politics, as easy as 1-2-3

    #1 Divide citizens by race religion and economic status.
    #2 Pit them against each other using fear intimidation and envy
    #3 Manipulate the system and a divided populace to suit your own selfish gains.

    R or D, let's not forget who the real enemy is!''
  • ''Religion, savor your flavor but never judge the appetite of others.''
  • ''The minute you won't compromise to help solve a problem you become a part of it.''
  • ''The size of a house is no indication of the amount of love found in a home.''
  • ''True success isn't measured by self serving monetary gains alone, but by the ability to enrich the lives of others as you prosper.''
  • ''What we grow accustomed to we desire.''
  • ''Where Grasses Seem Greener
    And Skies Seem Bluer
    Is Usually Just From
    More Rain And Manure''

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Best Poem of Robert Peacock

Mother's Love

What’s warmer than the sun
On a hot August Day
And with a few spoken words
Can take your pain away

What’s stronger than any steel
Ever forged by man
And has been passed down through generations
Ever since the world began

What’s something you’ll carry with you
Until your dying day
It’s been there since before your birth
And can’t ever be taken away

What’s absolutely necessary
To sustain human life on earth
And there’s no way to establish
What it’s truly worth

What’s the strongest force in nature
And equal to no other
It’s ...

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Dark Angel

Dark Angel Your Beauty
Deceives The Light
For It’s Inside Of You
That Shines So Bright

Your Loving Caring
Giving Soul
Blankets Me Like Mist
On A Grassy Knoll

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