Robert Peacock

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Robert Peacock Quotes

  • ''Often we possess little control over the outcome of a battle but will always remain responsible for our actions during the fight.''
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  • ''Integrity is easily claimed with words but ultimately proven through actions.''
  • ''Surround yourself with unselfish people and you'll never have to worry about watching your back.''
  • ''The only thing I like more than helping people better themselves with martial arts is to make them laugh. Both have a wonderful effect but laughing requires a lot less effort and dedication.''
  • ''It's easy to be a player and hide your heart. Real men, keep it real because they understand the value of commitment!''
  • ''Martial Arts can't be learned alone. Your experience will only be as good as the partners you train with''
  • ''When sympathy is being used to manipulate you retract it!''
  • ''The Path Of Least Resistance Is Most Often The Path Of Least Reward.''

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Best Poem of Robert Peacock

Mother's Love

What’s warmer than the sun
On a hot August Day
And with a few spoken words
Can take your pain away

What’s stronger than any steel
Ever forged by man
And has been passed down through generations
Ever since the world began

What’s something you’ll carry with you
Until your dying day
It’s been there since before your birth
And can’t ever be taken away

What’s absolutely necessary
To sustain human life on earth
And there’s no way to establish
What it’s truly worth

What’s the strongest force in nature
And equal to no other
It’s ...

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No Place I'D Rather Be

When I wake up in the morning
I’m use to laughter and a smile
But now sadness and depression
Have become your only style

When we walk together
I can still feel your hand
But something seems so different
And I try to understand

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