Robert Plese

Freshman - 900 Points (September 29,1978 / Winnipeg)

Biography of Robert Plese

Short Bio-
From Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rob is a philosophic thinker, and a psychotherapist. Currently attempting to refine attachment theory, Rob has provided therapy to clients from nearly all walks of life, therapeutic need, and age range.
Much of Rob's time is spent with his beautiful family, or working out and attempting to keep healthy. Rob's interests and studies were focused in psychology, world religion and anthropology.
Rob has transitioned throughout numerous religious movements. From being a liberal protestant Christian worship leader, to diving into a unique Gnostic/Vinyard Christianity. Rob eventually left these faith groups to pursue some Buddhist practices, eventually becoming a militant atheist for several years. After much religious searching, Rob finally settled on a psychological spiritualism that is largely humanistic-based and resloved. That, hurts of the mind, must be healed by the mind. Recognizing that many paths could lead people to discover their healing, embracing a neutral and non-possessive value on what can lead a person down this path, is the first step of being empirically aligned with personal experience and personal accountability. Your mental framework, and the peace it brings, is the only evidence you have, that there is a completion/resolve to your journey. While spiritualism is part of the human journey, all faiths must come to a graduation process. All spiritual perspectives reside in the mind or minds of the beholder, and are only measured by the actions of the faithful.
As Rob believes that his journey is completed, enlightenment and the completeness of truth expounded to him have set him free of all need to explore religion any further, a new focus on growth of communication and language will help him express these truths. Rob is become wholly ambivalent to the religious quest, as evidence of internal mental struggles that most humans have yet to solve. While Rob's hopes are now to make sense of memory systems theory and how all values arange themselves as a defender to preserve a favoured memory system. Embracing new memory systems will end in a world that can let go of the need to control and fear. Updates

Soulja On

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When you aight

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Den wiffout.

So soljaah
dat yah lucks a chi-anging.

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