Robert Plese

Freshman - 900 Points (September 29,1978 / Winnipeg)

Robert Plese Quotes

  • ''To each of us,
    no greater rhythm has ever been given then that of the one in the womb!''
    Pulse, anger, violence, love, peace. Noises of the womb to which we are conditioned. Ever looking for the familiar in our environments.
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  • ''There is only 1, the rest are all descriptors.''
    Mathematics, and our dissonance between the perceptual and conceptual.
  • ''The one that is most correct is the one that can best incorporate both conclusions.''
    True wisdom, the practice of mediation.
  • ''An Anarchist is really an individual who does not base his creed on any authority.''
    Brief consideration of the Anarchist position.
  • ''All political groups hold one thing in common; they all embrace a philosophical stance because of the authority they esteem in the Author/'s.''
    Further consideration of Authorship and the Script
  • ''It's ironic that the one thing that unites us - attempts to free the world from suffering - is at that same time the one thing that divides us.''
    No explanation needed
  • ''Liberty, defined as the freedom to do what you wish to yourself is flawed. One's actions usually will violate others in some way. Therefore it is not liberty that we desire, but control.''
    Misguided language use in assuming freedom is not bought and paid for by aggressive control of others.
  • ''Consider for a moment! Knowledge requires experience. Experience requires non-restraint. Non-restraint requires non-governance. Non-governance requires lawlessness.............
    Thus lawlessness affords knowledge.''
    Considering capitalism's claim to increased ingenuity.
  • ''Pathos elicits empathy, and at some point turns to misery! At what point does it become contemptible to dwell in the realm of the pathetic?''
    Too deep for you. Don't bother.
  • ''Validating our thought life through the reference of authority is by its very nature, insecure. Therefore, you can identify the insecure by the efforts s/he makes in establishing that authority.''
    Authorship and Acting continued

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Best Poem of Robert Plese

Cosmic Dream

Could touch
thE stars
up high.
Oh there
you are,
BriGht shining
Getting old,
growing cold
Within this
You stand
Radiant light
Angel white
Near or far
A foreign
Land and the
space between
Toward You!
Towards me!

know I will
You Know I will

It's all
of you and me
All that
I see
It's just
You and me
In this cosmic dream.

Oh there you are
Oh there you ...

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How To Write A Poem!

You begin of course with melody.
A dance of royal magnanimity.
Ensure the song is met,
with a beat of perfect step.

Then deviate this course.
A systematic remorse!
Strike loud with throngs
of enveloping stage.

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