Robert Plese

Freshman - 874 Points (September 29,1978 / Winnipeg)

Robert Plese Quotes

  • ''Reflexive is the style of the inconsiderate; calculated the way of the cultured. Evolution has brought us to this place, yet we fear what it has determined us to be!''
    The irony that science is rooted in evolutionary understanding, yet proponents try to force others to disband from their own evolution.
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  • ''If it smells like a Pretender and acts like a Pretender, it obviously didn't believe the consequences were severe enough for it to convince you otherwise.''
    Conspiracy Theorist Rebuttal.
  • ''I have discovered something noteworthy regarding the nature of communication.
    "The measure of grievance we direct at others, result from the variance between the information we predict about a future event and the degree of violation we experience from feeling misinformed."''
  • ''Ideologies cannot survive without command over resources. Therefore, I propose that resources (people, food, money) are more influential then ideas!''
    Values and what is worth pursuing.
  • ''Sometimes a penis is really just a cacophemism for *power. Why else would antisemitism be so rampant in the world today? Surely Freud would have interposed 'circumcision' into his famed 'penis envy' had he meant it to be taken in the literal sense.''
    I realize I might be considered a hater for this, but it is more of a reflection of power struggles and Freudian subtleties.
  • ''What a beautiful day subsidence and the movement of clouds have blessed us with. Thank-you uneven heating distribution for precipitating my great-fullness.''
    Thankful heart.
  • ''Discontentment is a clue,
    that an organism is in opposition-to and at war with the determining forces of nature.

    Therefore, it should come as no great surprise that our contrived concepts of a governed morality and the promises made hereafter,
    may feel as a prison to the freedom seeking mind;
    and that our contentment or discontentment
    would determine it's measure.''
    This is the point at which I knew I was on another plane. Couldn't even tell you what it means right now, other than it has real substantive truth in it.
  • ''Imitation - to remain an act - must be observed as imperfect by its very definition. Otherwise it would cease to remain imitation.
    Art then, ought to be judged by its intended imperfections rather than by its approximations toward perfection.''
    More on the act and the script. We the players.
  • ''Having a defense is evidence that you mistrust the effectiveness of your offense. Be and let be.''
    Self-reflected truth.
  • ''When privacy decreases and predictability increases, civility is what is left when judgment has been passed.''
    Open to interpretation

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Best Poem of Robert Plese

Cosmic Dream

Could touch
thE stars
up high.
Oh there
you are,
BriGht shining
Getting old,
growing cold
Within this
You stand
Radiant light
Angel white
Near or far
A foreign
Land and the
space between
Toward You!
Towards me!

know I will
You Know I will

It's all
of you and me
All that
I see
It's just
You and me
In this cosmic dream.

Oh there you are
Oh there you ...

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Child's Journey

To dream of a song so rare,
and beaten in place.

Poise longingly,
so softly,
a remind of face.

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