Robert Plese

Freshman - 874 Points (September 29,1978 / Winnipeg)

Robert Plese Quotes

  • ''4.20 - I wish harm be reduced upon you; and that informed choice be provided!''
    Legalized it - fuckers
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  • ''If you agree, post and pass it along.'Abusus non tollit usum.' [Abuse is no argument against proper use.] Latin Proverb''
    Legalize it - Fuckers
  • ''How crucial it is to define yourself malleable as opposed to fixed! I imagine the Colorado shooter to have been measured and found himself lacking (exactly what a neuroscientist would believe) .''
    My response to the Colorado shooting.
  • ''Dark humor.

    'You know, the birds don't stop singing when they witness you murder someone.'''
    moral imperatives change when one is thinking like God.
  • ''In the world of children, most adults are sociopaths!''
    Flip the script
  • ''I don't think you have the confidence in self to steal from others; that which is appropriately theirs!''
    Flip the script
  • ''Propaganda = the attempt to convince people that their ill-informed prejudice about a group is not worth the effort to reconsider.''
    Flip the script
  • ''If some people have telepathic or psychic powers, then how are we to make sense of their in tact larynx formation?''
    Flip the script
  • ''God is a secure construct in which the ego is housed. Projective Identification in Nature. God is Natural Law embodied with the anthropomorphized projective identification of man's ego! God is ego once removed!''
    The greatest quote ever made. Completes the God debate for me, and any who can come to understand it's intricacies.
  • ''And I would like to thank all the turkeys who have given up their bodies so peacefully, as a mass sacrifice for our feast of thankfulness...
    ..And also thank the natives for helping the pilgrims out in a similar way, so we can celebrate this harvest ritual! !''
    Thanksgiving blessing

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Best Poem of Robert Plese

Cosmic Dream

Could touch
thE stars
up high.
Oh there
you are,
BriGht shining
Getting old,
growing cold
Within this
You stand
Radiant light
Angel white
Near or far
A foreign
Land and the
space between
Toward You!
Towards me!

know I will
You Know I will

It's all
of you and me
All that
I see
It's just
You and me
In this cosmic dream.

Oh there you are
Oh there you ...

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The Church

I stood and watched as he showed her his kingdom.
A place of true love and peace.
He wanted to show her a father.
A father she could never see.
A father she would never see.

He embraced her and talked of his father.
A man of mercy, kindness, and grace.
He stood and said that he loved her.

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