Robert Plese

Freshman - 874 Points (September 29,1978 / Winnipeg)

Robert Plese Quotes

  • ''Association does not prove affiliation,
    perception seems to do that all on its own.''
    Social pressures to hang out with the right crowd
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  • ''Course correct until the wind is in your sail.''
    The waste of effort and desire to be someone you are not already.
  • ''Nothing changes,
    for the perceiver if he
    remains unchanged.''
  • ''I just can't help thinking, we must be the myelin sheath to every extroverts discharge!''
    Sitting at a table where introverts space out the extroverts in the room.
  • ''It's 10 am Sunday and the Preacher's bench isn't even being monopolized by any self-righteous pricks.''
    At the gym
  • ''The branches will always fight with each other. And therefore also so will the trees.

    The union is always breakable at the point of attachment.''
    Points of weakness and regions of conflict
  • ''Survival is the only form of courage.
    Even if a society wishes to spin
    sacrifice under the same banner.
    The wise however, know to stay hidden from the lynch mob.''
    The glory of military service!
  • ''Confidence
    Is at the root of hypnotherapy
    As some don't hold a clear definition
    On the scripts they wish to follow''
    The power of the story teller
  • ''How does one become so impassioned about people,
    Unless they are possessions worth not letting go? ?''
    The basis of attachment
  • ''Why would a dog
    Run away
    from anyone
    Who would be its safe haven?''
    Evidence for abuse

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Best Poem of Robert Plese

Cosmic Dream

Could touch
thE stars
up high.
Oh there
you are,
BriGht shining
Getting old,
growing cold
Within this
You stand
Radiant light
Angel white
Near or far
A foreign
Land and the
space between
Toward You!
Towards me!

know I will
You Know I will

It's all
of you and me
All that
I see
It's just
You and me
In this cosmic dream.

Oh there you are
Oh there you ...

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The Church

I stood and watched as he showed her his kingdom.
A place of true love and peace.
He wanted to show her a father.
A father she could never see.
A father she would never see.

He embraced her and talked of his father.
A man of mercy, kindness, and grace.
He stood and said that he loved her.

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