Robert Rorabeck

Veteran Poet - 1,996 Points (04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Robert Rorabeck Poems

4881. The Noontimes Of Their Tomorrows 10/25/2011
4882. My Empty Dove 10/25/2011
4883. The Emptiness Of Your Car 10/25/2011
4884. The Forgotten Amphitheatres 10/25/2011
4885. The Fountains Sing 10/25/2011
4886. All Of The Airplanes 10/25/2011
4887. Underneath All Of The Moonbeams 10/25/2011
4888. The Hypnotizing Mobile 11/12/2011
4889. Loose Change In The Sky 11/12/2011
4890. Their Usual School 11/12/2011
4891. Starless Estuary 11/12/2011
4892. Underneath A Lighthouse 11/12/2011
4893. Dancing 11/12/2011
4894. If I Were King 11/12/2011
4895. Wide And Beatific 11/15/2011
4896. The Last Romances Of Stewardesses 11/15/2011
4897. Not Even An Echo 11/15/2011
4898. The Bathrooms Down These Halls 11/15/2011
4899. The Redder Than Red 11/15/2011
4900. Languishing In The Sun 11/15/2011
4901. In The Churches Of A Holiday 11/16/2011
4902. Delicate Promises To The Fireworks 11/16/2011
4903. On Their Four Legs 11/16/2011
4904. The Runways Of Your Lips 11/16/2011
4905. Everyone Else 11/16/2011
4906. The Last Time 11/16/2011
4907. Sandstorm 11/16/2011
4908. Illusion Of The Failing Light 11/18/2011
4909. The Pretending Number 11/18/2011
4910. The Heavy Sky 11/18/2011
4911. Where The Jet Engines Crisscross The Spaceshuttles 11/18/2011
4912. Breathing The Water 11/18/2011
4913. Lies From A Busied Restaurant 11/18/2011
4914. Children Without Us 11/18/2011
4915. Lakes The Size Of Minnows 11/18/2011
4916. The Corsages And Cul-De-Sacs 11/18/2011
4917. Doing As She Does 9/30/2011
4918. To The Defeated Gods 9/30/2011
4919. Of The Orchards 11/15/2011
4920. Winning 11/15/2011
Best Poem of Robert Rorabeck

A Flower In The Rain

I want to fall on you like rain
upon a wildflower
Opening new reason from you
Scaring all the old bees away from
Pollinating your bed
Scaring all the fake men off who
Can only stand the sun
So it’s just me and you in the
The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
And in the meadow
I bend down and kiss your petals wetly
Falling all over you
Letting your pistil slip into my mouth
Sucking off your honey,
Almost plucking you
But not going so far
Just pulling you so that you can ...

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In bed with the early morning shadows
bleeding the night into another killing
where glorious colors like afterbirth flows
in nebular jets into the horizon’s bowl,
revealed, I have the presentiment that my
life will fail, and rising against my Northern
dreams, I secede against their human impulse
of hope, and the cities inside me scream,
“You will never have her. She will never love you! ”

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