Robert Rorabeck

Bronze Star - 2,024 Points (04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Robert Rorabeck Poems

5601. The Tomb 5/20/2012
5602. Coming Down On Us All 6/6/2012
5603. And Anyways 6/6/2012
5604. Only Just Because 6/6/2012
5605. Pretending 6/29/2012
5606. One More Calligraphy 6/29/2012
5607. In The Heavens Of Marriage 6/29/2012
5608. When We Go Back To School 6/29/2012
5609. The World's Longevity 6/29/2012
5610. The Candelabrums Of Too Many Ancestors 6/29/2012
5611. Or Un Derneath The Moon 6/29/2012
5612. The Foothills Of The Heavens 7/10/2012
5613. Kaliedescope Of Semiprecious Shade 7/10/2012
5614. The One You Were Meant To Be With 7/10/2012
5615. Her Boyfriend's Fireworks 7/10/2012
5616. In The 7/12/2012
5617. In The Soul Of My Heart 7/12/2012
5618. The Neighborhood Of A Vanished Carnival 7/12/2012
5619. To Surrender To The Monsters 7/12/2012
5620. The Goblins That Dance 7/12/2012
5621. The Presence Of The Petrified Gods 7/12/2012
5622. Fever Of Glowing Horses 7/12/2012
5623. The Inventions Of A Chinese Wife 7/16/2012
5624. Japanese Beer 7/16/2012
5625. Gills 7/16/2012
5626. Indian-Giving Virginity 7/16/2012
5627. Her High Horse 7/16/2012
5628. To The Lips Of The Heart 7/30/2012
5629. Each Of The Peninsulas 7/30/2012
5630. Just Enough English 7/30/2012
5631. The Aphrodisiacs Of New Cars 7/30/2012
5632. Various Poems 7/30/2012
5633. Thirty-Thousand Feet In The Air 7/30/2012
5634. Chinese 7/30/2012
5635. Chinese Characters 7/30/2012
5636. The Neighborhood Of The Earth 8/3/2012
5637. Not The Same Thing As Angel Wings 8/3/2012
5638. The Bleachers Of An Empty Stadium 8/3/2012
5639. Bicycles Stolen From Their Own Children 8/3/2012
5640. Underneath The Misconceptions 8/3/2012
Best Poem of Robert Rorabeck

A Flower In The Rain

I want to fall on you like rain
upon a wildflower
Opening new reason from you
Scaring all the old bees away from
Pollinating your bed
Scaring all the fake men off who
Can only stand the sun
So it’s just me and you in the
The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
And in the meadow
I bend down and kiss your petals wetly
Falling all over you
Letting your pistil slip into my mouth
Sucking off your honey,
Almost plucking you
But not going so far
Just pulling you so that you can ...

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Long lost passageways come down
sometimes from the sun they help
you remember how the holy ghost
burned when you were young
and still going to church you
thought John Wayne was a real
cowboy and wondered how he could
die to be reborn the next showing
The Cowboys The Searchers

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