Robert Rorabeck

Veteran Poet - 1,996 Points (04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Robert Rorabeck Poems

6641. In Disney World 5/31/2011
6642. Taking Away Grandfathers 5/31/2011
6643. Senses Of The Forest 8/19/2011
6644. Your Nude Knees 8/27/2011
6645. The Earth And Sky 9/13/2011
6646. Finding The Truth 11/15/2011
6647. The Age Old Terrapin 9/30/2011
6648. What Usual Reward 11/20/2011
6649. John Wayne 1/31/2012
6650. Thieveries Of Words 12/21/2011
6651. Upon An Emptied Theatre 3/31/2012
6652. Stones Of An Entire Earth 4/7/2012
6653. Horses And Unicorns 4/14/2012
6654. Christmas Trees Or Video Games 5/31/2012
6655. Metamorphosis's Rodeo 7/16/2012
6656. The Poems Of The Efficiencies Of My Echoes 9/6/2012
6657. Just As Wishes Of Little Boys 12/28/2012
6658. In The Glances Of Pinwheels 5/30/2013
6659. The Jewelry The Moon Steals 3/16/2013
6660. The Nocturnal Animal 3/3/2013
6661. Some With Meaning 1/5/2015
6662. Galahad, Son Of Lancelot 1/5/2013
6663. With The Tigers And The Lions 2/2/2013
6664. Slowly Toward The Sky 5/1/2012
6665. That Mountain 3/22/2015
6666. To Our Dead Relatives 9/8/2011
6667. The Kindling 8/19/2011
6668. Even Though 3/29/2011
6669. Blackbeard 5/9/2009
6670. Their Father's Tears 4/21/2011
6671. From High School 10/30/2010
6672. The Melted World 7/28/2010
6673. The Shimmering Architectures Of Windmills And Weathervanes 8/25/2010
6674. The Sky As They Do 3/15/2010
6675. The Bravest Of The Braves 2/21/2010
6676. Bright As The Brightest Bright 2/15/2010
6677. The Periodic Table 11/19/2009
6678. My Favorite Monster 11/19/2009
6679. The Planet Mars 11/15/2009
6680. The Same As An Anonymous Death 9/25/2009
Best Poem of Robert Rorabeck

A Flower In The Rain

I want to fall on you like rain
upon a wildflower
Opening new reason from you
Scaring all the old bees away from
Pollinating your bed
Scaring all the fake men off who
Can only stand the sun
So it’s just me and you in the
The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
And in the meadow
I bend down and kiss your petals wetly
Falling all over you
Letting your pistil slip into my mouth
Sucking off your honey,
Almost plucking you
But not going so far
Just pulling you so that you can ...

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Long lost passageways come down
sometimes from the sun they help
you remember how the holy ghost
burned when you were young
and still going to church you
thought John Wayne was a real
cowboy and wondered how he could
die to be reborn the next showing
The Cowboys The Searchers

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