Robert Rorabeck

Veteran Poet - 1,996 Points (04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Robert Rorabeck Poems

1761. The Tug Of Airless Need 11/25/2009
1762. The Oversexed Orchards Of The Know 11/25/2009
1763. The Sunlight Of Bright Mirage 11/25/2009
1764. My Scarred Yet Truesome Eye 11/25/2009
1765. The Sky Again 11/25/2009
1766. Immortal Gold 11/25/2009
1767. Into A Different Color 11/25/2009
1768. My Pessimistic Expectations 11/25/2009
1769. Ingots Of Dark Gold 11/25/2009
1770. Boys With No Name 11/25/2009
1771. Just Out Of Reach 11/25/2009
1772. Cemeteries Only I Can Remember 11/25/2009
1773. Very Well Sure 11/25/2009
1774. My Poetic Airplanes 11/25/2009
1775. Shush And Shush 11/25/2009
1776. Their Immortal Station Wagon 11/25/2009
1777. Otherwise Unperturbed 11/25/2009
1778. Girls Who Are Never There 11/25/2009
1779. Cleopatra 11/25/2009
1780. Putty In Another Man's Clay 11/25/2009
1781. Warm Bottles Of Suicide 11/25/2009
1782. Too Fearful To Go 11/25/2009
1783. Leaping Through The Snow 11/25/2009
1784. The End Of The Road 11/25/2009
1785. She Swings Up To No Good 11/25/2009
1786. The Moon Or Anything 11/15/2009
1787. To Vanish 11/16/2009
1788. Both Of My Hungriest Arms 11/16/2009
1789. No Business Of Understanding 11/16/2009
1790. The Lions Roar And The Waterfalls Tumble 11/16/2009
1791. Where Your Gold Is Buried 11/16/2009
1792. Like A Goat In The Zoo 11/16/2009
1793. This Meaningless Traffic 11/16/2009
1794. To Make Love To The World 11/16/2009
1795. The Body Of Your Grandfather's Guitar 11/16/2009
1796. Wishing That You Were Mine 11/16/2009
1797. The Aristocratic Haiku 11/16/2009
1798. In The South Of France 11/16/2009
1799. With Nothing On Their Mind 11/16/2009
1800. Fifty Fifty 11/16/2009
Best Poem of Robert Rorabeck

A Flower In The Rain

I want to fall on you like rain
upon a wildflower
Opening new reason from you
Scaring all the old bees away from
Pollinating your bed
Scaring all the fake men off who
Can only stand the sun
So it’s just me and you in the
The rabbits in the hole
The grasses are wet and beginning to bow
The forest is damp and sleepy
And in the meadow
I bend down and kiss your petals wetly
Falling all over you
Letting your pistil slip into my mouth
Sucking off your honey,
Almost plucking you
But not going so far
Just pulling you so that you can ...

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Tomorrow's Consumptions

The city at night,
The city at large:
Open mouthed, swallowing,
The giant in the clouds;
It was swallowing its bridegrooms-
It was swallowing its anyways at night:

This wasn't just America,

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