Robert Sierra

Rookie (February 23rd,1990 / San Antonio, Texas)

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Robert Sierra poet

My life has been a stream of trials that has shaped my (I like to think it's) unique writing style. I don't have the discipline to write books, but I've written numerous short storys but I've published absolutely nothing, at seventeen I've accomplished very little and my hopes for the future are... mediocre. I've wanted to be a poet since the second year I was writing (I have been writing 4) but I realize my ambition is not realistic and I couldn't find any kind of money to publish any book that I may write anyway. I used to be able to lay claim to many more poems but many of them got lost through time, or foolishly sent to a girl I kept far too much faith in. Although most of my poems are depressing (as is most of my life) I like to think of myself as a romantic, used to be even more so but, a heart can take only so many beatings. Updates

A Way To End

These sorrows I had thought forgotten
Now I feel my hope has rotten
So shortly lived and quick to die
Or perhaps it found its wings to fly
To another soul who thought to borrow
A way to end this pain and sorrow

A short-lived victor in happy times
Until he returns to write his lines

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