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Kumarmani Mahakul 25 October 2020

Robert William Service is a very famous poet in this world. His poems are very much philosophic, valuable and beneficial for society time to time. He has remained in the core of hearts of many readers and visitors. Reading his poems we get immense joy. He is ranked #29 on top 500 poets of the world as per the database information on date 25 October 2020.

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Ruth Sullivan 26 August 2020

Many years ago I wrote a play for a Sweet Adeline show using bits and pieces of Robert Service's poems. I had an idea for the story, then found his poems I could use. I used enough of the poem that you knew it but then made some subtle changes to go with the story. It was challenging but fun. And introduced people to his poetry. I can't remember the year I did this but it was in the late 60's.

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Suzanne Newkirk 23 August 2020

I am looking for a poem about a man that dies and stands before Peter at the Gate. The man had not lived a good life and there was none that would say a good word for him. At last when Peter asked if anyone could vouch for the man a small kitten came forward. It's driving me nuts. Any help?

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Peggy 07 May 2020

This is my Favorite poet

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paul armstrong 30 August 2019

the composer of the most exciting poetry ever

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Lweuj Wepti 21 June 2019

“Have you suffered, starved and triumphed, grovelled down, yet grasped at glory, Grown bigger within the bigness of the complete? ????????------?????HERE?

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Also, I believe it may be a typo in the second stanza, third line, of Robert William Service's poem Resignation, to begin that line alone with a lowercase o - especially as the second line ends with a period. It should read: Or, as I wear my collars high, how laundry men would gloat!

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The first line of Robert William Service's poem Resignation, should read: I'd hate to be a centipede (of legs I've only two) , The poem is written in Iambic heptameter (7 beats=14 syllables, or beats) . Not only does it start the poem out incorrectly with poor context, without the a, the meter and rhythm is thrown off, as well.

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Dr..Marshall l. Goodwin 24 August 2018

I have sat around the dinner table in our log cabin up in northern Maine and recited Services poems to my sons, grandsons and friends. Wonderful memories!

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Richard Thompson 02 June 2018

I have memorized and delivered many of the Robert Service poetry at clubs and private parties.

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Sameer verma 24 May 2018

Nice poem

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Cleveland Gibson 17 April 2018

I read the 'shooting of Dan' and learnt it by heart. It was an experience, I used to say it to my son' and he enjoyed it. I ought to point out at that time I'd never written any poetry. Next I read 'The Highwayman' and wrote a tribute poem called 'After The Highwayman. I might now consider writing something in the Robert Service vein. Who knows? '

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Mayank 11 April 2018


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Ronald Wheeler 26 March 2018

Anybody who criticizes Robert W. Service is not only an -hole who knows nothing about poetry, but is severely lacking in intelligence.

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Leonard Gill 18 March 2018

Looking for a poem by Robert Service that Begins 'There were two artists A & B

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Ronald G. Wheeler 02 February 2018

Wrote over 800 poems, surely more than any other poet. My favorites: 'Cocotte' and 'Little moccasins.'

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Rebel... 12 January 2018

Few People ever said things better.

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Rebel 12 January 2018

Terri. Your poem is... The Ballad Of Blasphemous Bill by Robert William Service

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Terri 03 January 2018

I am looking for the poem where the guy found his dead friend and he had to cut him to put him in the box he brought for him.

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Bob Dougherty 09 April 2017

One cannot compare Service and Wordsworth. Neither could have written the other's works. We should praise both. Service's poems are incredibly imaginative narrative works that captivate all but the dull. His directness is a poetic marvel too admire. When I first read the Shooting of D.... I was hooked.

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