Robert William Service

(16 January 1874 - 11 September 1958 / Preston)

Robert William Service Quotes

  • ''“Some praise the Lord for Light,
    The living spark;
    I thank God for the Night
    The healing dark.”''
    Robert W. Service
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  • ''“I like to think that when I fall,
    A rain-drop in Deaths shoreless sea,
    This shelf of books along the wall,
    Beside my bed, will mourn for me.” ''
    Robert W. Service, Ballads of a Bohemian
  • ''“The Quitter

    When youre lost in the Wild, and youre scared as a child,
    And Death looks you bang in the eye,
    And youre sore as a boil, its according to Hoyle
    To cock your revolver and . . . die.
    But the Code of a Man says: "Fight all you can,"
    And self-dissolution is barred.
    In hunger and woe, oh, its easy to blow . . .
    Its the hell-served-for-breakfast thats hard.

    "Youre sick of the game!" Well, now, thats a shame.
    Youre young and youre brave and youre bright.
    "Youve had a raw deal!" I know -- but dont squeal,
    Buck up, do your damnedest, and fight.
    Its the plugging away that will win you the day,
    So dont be a piker, old pard!
    Just draw on your grit; its so easy to quit:
    Its the keeping-your-chin-up thats hard.

    Its easy to cry that youre beaten -- and die;
    Its easy to crawfish and crawl;
    But to fight and to fight when hopes out of sight --
    Why, thats the best game of them all!
    And though you come out of each gruelling bout,
    All broken and beaten and scarred,
    Just have one more try -- its dead easy to die,
    Its the keeping-on-living thats hard.”''
    Robert W. Service
  • ''“Have you suffered, starved and triumphed, grovelled down, yet grasped at glory,
    Grown bigger in the bigness of the whole?
    Done things just for the doing, letting babblers tell the story,
    Seeing through the nice veneer the naked soul?
    Have you seen God in His splendours, heard the text that nature renders?
    (Youll never hear it in the family pew.)
    The simple things, the true things, the silent men who do things–
    Then listen to the wild–its calling you.” ''
    Robert W. Service, The Spell of the Yukon and Other Verses

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You Can'T Can Love

I don't know how the fishes feel, but I can't help thinking it odd,
That a gay young flapper of a female eel should fall in love with a cod.
Yet - that's exactly what she did and it only goes to prove,
That' what evr you do you can't put the lid on that crazy feeling Love.

Now that young tom-cod was a dreadful rake, and he had no wish to wed,
But he feared that her foolish heart would break, so this is what he said:
"Some fellows prize a woman's eyes, and some admire her lips,
While so

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