Robert Winthrop

Biography of Robert Winthrop

I was born and raised in Hannibal, Missouri, a stone's throw from Mark Twain's boyhood home on Hill Street. I twice won first prize for my verses in the local literary competition. After graduating from college, I became an English and journalism teacher for several years. Later I studied computer science and became a technical writer. As part of my job I lived and worked in Paris, France, for a couple of years. I retired from a major computer company, and I am now enjoying traveling and pretty much doing what I want.
Most of my verses are in rhyme, and I try to vary the scheme and meter. The poems on my page were written over the years, some in high school, some in college, and some more recently.

Robert Winthrop's Works:

I am the co-author of one published novel, 'Thunder on Forbidden Mountain, ' and the author of two self-published books of verse. Updates

A Brother's Touch

When we were kids and sent to bed
When dusk had barely passed,
My brother Tom and I would play
A game, "I Touched You Last."

We'd lie there in our double bed
Where nothing could be seen,
And then a hand would slowly snake
Across the space between.

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