Robert Wrigley

Robert Wrigley Poems

1. A Lock of Her Hair 6/9/2016
2. A Lock of Her Hair 2/2/2018
3. Accounting 2/2/2018
4. After a Rainstorm 2/2/2018
5. After a Rainstorm 6/9/2016
6. Anatomy of Melancholy 6/9/2016
7. Anatomy of Melancholy 2/2/2018
8. Earthly Meditations 2/2/2018
10. Finding a Bible in an Abandoned Cabin 6/9/2016
11. Finding a Bible in an Abandoned Cabin 2/2/2018
12. Gallop 2/2/2018
13. Human Knowledge 2/2/2018
14. Kissing a Horse 2/2/2018
15. Kissing A Horse 1/23/2015
16. Moonlight: Chickens On The Road 2/2/2018
17. Moonlight: Chickens On The Road 6/9/2016
18. Mowing 6/9/2016
19. Mowing 2/2/2018
20. Neigh 2/2/2018
21. Nuthatch Sitting on a Bear's Nose 2/2/2018
22. Potato 2/2/2018
23. Short Answer: Mishap With a Nail Gun 2/2/2018
24. Soundings 2/2/2018
25. Soundings 6/9/2016
26. The Other World 1/13/2003

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The Other World

So here is the old buck
who all winter long
had traveled with the does
and yearlings, with the fawns
just past their spots,
and who had hung back,
walking where the others had walked,
eating what they had left,
and who had struck now and then
a pose against the wind,
against a twig-snap or the way
the light came slinking
among the trees.

Here is the mangled ear
and the twisted, hindering leg.
Here, already bearing him away
among the last drifts of snow
and the nightly hard ...

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After a Rainstorm

Because I have come to the fence at night,
the horses arrive also from their ancient stable.
They let me stroke their long faces, and I note
in the light of the now-merging moon

how they, a Morgan and a Quarter, have been
by shake-guttered raindrops
spotted around their rumps and thus made
Appaloosas, the ancestral horses of this place.

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