Robie Robison

Rookie (01/01/2970 / Illinois)

Biography of Robie Robison

I began reading & collecting poetry at a very young age. I remember my father talking about his Uncle Henry. How he wrote poetry & songs. He traveled the country writing. I always remember wanting to be like him. In the last year and a half I began writing again after almost 10years of no writing.
Poetry has always moved me in inexplicable ways.
In writing my own, I have found myself. Perhaps I can assist others along their journey of growth & self-discovery, by sharing it. Updates

Stillness Of Being

The dark night of the soul
Invites a surrender
Into the midnight stillness of being…. of waiting.
With courageous gentleness
Embrace passion…
Discard complacency…
Confront fear…

This agonizing, wrenching consciousness

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