Robin Robertson

(1955 / Scone)

Robin Robertson Poems

1. From Dumb Show, With Candles 5/25/2017
2. Kalighat 5/25/2017
3. Wormwood 5/25/2017
4. What the horses see at night 5/25/2017
5. Dionysus and the Maiden 5/25/2017
6. 1964 5/25/2017
7. The Shelter 5/25/2017
8. The Park Drunk 5/25/2017
9. Albatross in Co. Antrim 5/22/2015
10. The Fishermen's Farewell 12/3/2015
11. Abandon 5/25/2017
12. Annunciation 5/25/2017
13. Glass of Water and Coffee Pot 5/25/2017
14. Beside Loch Iffrin 5/25/2017
15. At Roane Head 5/25/2017
16. Venery 5/25/2017
17. Under Beinn Ruadhainn 5/25/2017
18. Cat; Failing 2/24/2014
19. Wedding The Locksmith's Daughter 1/20/2003
20. Leavings 12/3/2015
21. Dream Of The Huntress 2/24/2014

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Best Poem of Robin Robertson

Dream Of The Huntress

It is always the same:
she is standing over me
in the forest clearing,
a dab of blood on her cheek
from a rabbit or a deer.
I am aware of nothing
but my mutinous flesh,
and the traps of desire
sent to test it—
her bare arms, bare
shoulders, her loosened hair,
the hard, high breasts,
and under a belt
of knives and fish-lures,
her undressed wound.
Every night the same:
the slashed fetlock,
the buckling under;
I wake in her body
broken, like a gun

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The Fishermen's Farewell

Their long stares mark them apart; eyes gone
to sea-colors: gray, foam-flecked

and black in the undertow, blue
as the blue banners of  the mackerel, whipping west.

On land, they are smoke-walkers, where each stone
is a standing stone, every circle a stone circle.

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