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1. Never Was 11/15/2008
2. My Own Little Hell 11/15/2008
3. Expectations 11/15/2008
4. Surfaces 11/15/2008
5. Wrong Thing Said 11/15/2008
6. Worth 11/15/2008
7. Defenses 11/15/2008
8. Devil Child 11/15/2008
9. As If 11/16/2008
10. Tired 11/19/2008
11. The Perfect Me 11/20/2008
12. Damnation 11/20/2008
13. Contradictory 11/20/2008
14. Sight 11/20/2008
15. Rhythm 11/20/2008
16. Picture Perfect 11/20/2008
17. Receipt 11/20/2008
18. First & Lasts 11/20/2008
19. Studying 11/20/2008
20. Midterm 11/20/2008
21. Algebra 11/20/2008
22. My Halo Is So Gone... 7/12/2010
23. Hate 11/20/2008

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The time is never quite right
To tell you that I hate you.
You've always treated me like the blight.
Just be happy I didn't make your food.

Graduation is more than highschool;
It means I survived
Four years of blissful Hell.

I would thank God
If I could, but I'm the
Child of the Devil,
So, I'll thank him instead.

You say I never do anything for you.
If you don't count my life of servitude
Then I guess that's true.
'Cuz I never made you dinner
And I sure as Hell
Never cleaned for you.
It's beyond me
How the dishes were done ...

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My Own Little Hell

Some things just aren't
Worth it.
You fight, you cry,
You even get lost in
The passing of that moment.

I'm not the easiest
Person to live with.
I'm more acerbic than

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