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1. Never Was 11/15/2008
2. My Own Little Hell 11/15/2008
3. Expectations 11/15/2008
4. Surfaces 11/15/2008
5. Wrong Thing Said 11/15/2008
6. Worth 11/15/2008
7. Defenses 11/15/2008
8. Devil Child 11/15/2008
9. As If 11/16/2008
10. Tired 11/19/2008
11. The Perfect Me 11/20/2008
12. Damnation 11/20/2008
13. Contradictory 11/20/2008
14. Sight 11/20/2008
15. Rhythm 11/20/2008
16. Picture Perfect 11/20/2008
17. Receipt 11/20/2008
18. First & Lasts 11/20/2008
19. Studying 11/20/2008
20. Midterm 11/20/2008
21. Algebra 11/20/2008
22. My Halo Is So Gone... 7/12/2010
23. Hate 11/20/2008

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The time is never quite right
To tell you that I hate you.
You've always treated me like the blight.
Just be happy I didn't make your food.

Graduation is more than highschool;
It means I survived
Four years of blissful Hell.

I would thank God
If I could, but I'm the
Child of the Devil,
So, I'll thank him instead.

You say I never do anything for you.
If you don't count my life of servitude
Then I guess that's true.
'Cuz I never made you dinner
And I sure as Hell
Never cleaned for you.
It's beyond me
How the dishes were done ...

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I will always
Be who I am.
What you see is not
What you should expect.
At least with me...

The surface is nothing
But a pretty mask over
What should really be hidden beneath.

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