Robin Skelton

(1925 - 1997 / Easington, Yorkshire)

Biography of Robin Skelton

Robin Skelton poet

Robin Skelton (12 October 1925 – 22 August 1997) was a British-born academic, writer, poet, and anthologist.
Born in Easington, Yorkshire, Skelton was educated at the University of Leeds and Cambridge University. From 1944 to 1947, he served with the Royal Air Force in India. He later taught at Manchester University where he was a founder member of The Peterloo Group. In 1963, he emigrated to Canada, and began teaching at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.
Skelton was an authority on Irish literature. He is well known for his work as a literary editor; he was a founder and editor, with John Peter, of The Malahat Review, and a translator. Known as a practising Wiccan, Skelton also published a number of books on the subject of the occult and other neopagan religions.
Georges Zuk, a purported French surrealist poet, was a heteronym created by Skelton. Updates

Land Without Customs

My land had no customs. Habits, tricks
of the slow tongue, leading beasts to grass,
roads slape with rain, or answering
weddings and deaths in a dry voice
scurfy as dust in the village square,
boys’ names carved into the old stocks;

these—but no customs. Unless you count
the old men making one stretch of wall

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