Robinson Jeffers

(10 January 1887 – 20 January 1962 / Allegheny, Pennsylvania)

Robinson Jeffers Poems

121. Rock And Hawk 1/13/2003
122. July Fourth By The Ocean 1/13/2003
123. Boats In A Fog 4/12/2010
124. The Beaks Of Eagles 4/12/2010
125. Science 4/12/2010
126. Original Sin 4/12/2010
127. Tamar 4/12/2010
128. Apology For Bad Dreams 4/12/2010
129. The Answer 1/13/2003
130. To The Stone-Cutters 1/13/2003
131. Shine, Perishing Republic 1/13/2003
132. The Deer Lay Down Their Bones 1/13/2003
133. Carmel Point 1/13/2003
134. The Purse-Seine 1/13/2003
135. The Epic Stars 1/13/2003
136. Hurt Hawks 1/13/2003
137. Fire On The Hills 1/13/2003
138. Be Angry At The Sun 1/13/2003
139. Vulture 1/13/2003
140. The Stars Go Over The Lonely Ocean 1/13/2003
141. Inscription For A Gravestone 4/12/2010
Best Poem of Robinson Jeffers

Inscription For A Gravestone

I am not dead, I have only become inhuman:
That is to say,
Undressed myself of laughable prides and infirmities,
But not as a man
Undresses to creep into bed, but like an athlete
Stripping for the race.
The delicate ravel of nerves that made me a measurer
Of certain fictions
Called good and evil; that made me contract with pain
And expand with pleasure;
Fussily adjusted like a little electroscope:
That's gone, it is true;
(I never miss it; if the universe does,
How easily replaced!)
But all the rest is heightened, widened, set free.
I admired the ...

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The Excesses Of God

Is it not by his high superfluousness we know
Our God? For to be equal a need
Is natural, animal, mineral: but to fling
Rainbows over the rain
And beauty above the moon, and secret rainbows
On the domes of deep sea-shells,
And make the necessary embrace of breeding
Beautiful also as fire,
Not even the weeds to multiply without blossom

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