Robyn Pearson

Rookie (April 15,1991 / Detroit, Michigan)

Biography of Robyn Pearson

Hey, my name is Robyn, I'm 14, and I'm from Michigan.. Uhh.. I don't really write poems all the time, but I have written a few. But you only see two on here... If you want you can email me at:
Or.. IM me on AIM or Yahoo: ImHappy1dering..
If you have a problem, you can talk to me, even if you feel weird just IMing a random person.. I love meeting and learning about new people.. But I especially love helping someone in need.. PLEASE don't hesitate to talk to me! !

Thanks for taking your time reading this :) Updates

Begging For Your Love

Doesn't anyone love me anymore?
What is love even for?
Is it for love, or is it for sorrow?
Or my heart, which you just wanted to 'borrow'
So you took it, played with it a little,
But you didn't know, it was so brittle.
You broke it in pieces, then gave it back,
Please, just tell me what I lack
And tell me why you do this to me

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