Robyn Serio

Rookie (10/26/93 / Coral Springs)

Biography of Robyn Serio

I was born and raised in Florida, I love to sing, write poems, Lesbian and proud :)
I feel like im not important and no one wants me. I feel like people dont notice me. Like im not good enough for them. I love this girl and i think she loves me back its just idk if we can ever be together she is my heart and i love u Updates

Should I?

If I say im sorry falling for you that would be a lie,
If I say im sorry for ever bein attracted to you that would another lie,
If I say I love you thats me telling you the truth but I should have never
said it because you have a girlfriend that you love and im not the one that breaks up a relationship. So im sorry! I dont know why I am but I am! I know that I told you that I loved you and maybe I shouldnt have told you that. maybe you should forget about me, as much as that hurts for me to

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