Roger Bewman

Rookie (1976 BC / Virothiom)

Biography of Roger Bewman

Roger Bewman poet

Was born in Virothiom during the Hicus Pocus days. Gulliver was the king of Googleland and I was a wanderer in life's supersonic wavelengths and gravitational ways.
At the age of 6 I was lost in Budapest and found by philoarty paintress named Dolores. Till the age of 16 tryin' to escape her remote hideaway with no mirrors, through the motorway. But the trick was to go through the forest. Met a homeless girl called Alice and helped me to get back to Virothiom. The journey took 13 years or so, cause she was a spy spider of Dolores. Now here back in Virothiom everything has changed. Even my face looks rippled.
Somehow I miss Dolores...

Roger Bewman's Works:

Well not as far as I know. Maybe ''Galvio Sinorioum''. Updates

5: 59

It's 5: 59
cannot rythme

Boycott Taz
and the lucid thoughts

An Alcatraz
of whispers

Take some pills
30 drops of sorrow

Fall to deep sleep

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