Roger K.A. Allen

Rookie (Some time in the 20th century. I am still alive. / Toowooba, Queensland, Australia)

Biography of Roger K.A. Allen

I am a thoracic and sleep physician in private practice in Brisbane. I am now professor to Bond University but don't hold that against me. They have asked me to lecture in the Humanities. I love writing prose, poetry, sailing my wooden cutter, wooden boats in general, French, modern Greek and have done Ancient Greek and Latin and play Bach badly. I have seven children and one grandson. I have been through some sh...t in life. We sailors when they capsize get up and bale out and get sailing again. My greatest accomplishment in life is being able to live in the moment. I have relapses. I have written a book about growing up in a country town as the son of a family doctor.I am on the fourth draft and it is still imperfect. I am eclectic, always wanting to learn from people and from life. I subscribe to Jung's idea that men need to be in touch with the female part of their being. I call a spade a spade. If it quacks it's probably a duck. I sail with men who are former firemen and plumbers not professors or barristers and I like rum. You never learn sailing in a club house but only on the water and in the roughest of conditions as that is a measure of a man. Character is Nemesis but few know this. We all die and there is no Tooth Fairy. Life must be cherished and those about us too. It can be over in a flash or a pathology report. We all eventually sink below the waves due to illness, accident, homicide including war, or suicide. I don't fear death, only incapacity and lack of dignity.When your eyes are open they can never be closed as you see the world differently. For some, they are never open. Leonard Cohen once sang, 'There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in'.
I am cited in the Marquis Who's Who of the World (2009)

Roger K.A. Allen's Works:
I no longer care if I am published. I have never read a poem in public. I write like I sail; for me. I spurn publishers and notoriety. If it comes it comes. I don't give a damn what editors think as they are dictated by fashion. See my blog about this in the first website. Updates

A Song Of Brisbane

The turtledoves,
Each afternoon,
For me, a strange sound
For a boy used to pee-wees,
And currawongs
In my coastal town
Of a 1950’s Ballina

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