Roger Pratz

Rookie - 70 Points (July 19 1987 / Paris, France)

Biography of Roger Pratz

My name is Roger Pratz, I was born in Paris France to English parents. I lived there for only a short time until I moved to the U.S. I then moved to Afganistan where I studied journalism " the real way" . I dropped out of school after my father died, and used my inheritance to try and pursue a music career. After nearly a decade of terrible music experiences that culminated in getting egged in Amsterdam, I decided to hang up the guitar. I now live a humble life of destitution in Rock Springs Wyoming.

Roger Pratz's Works:

None yet, but hopefully sometime in the near future! Updates

Days Of Tomarrow

Truth hurts
Like baby seals
In a buttered frying pan
Banjo land mines
Waiting for split toed pigeon hearts
Speakers bleed the names
Of Mcdonalds cartoon
And badgers feast on bleach brown bone meal
Some nice elderly couple
Should come and
Fix this mess
For the orphans grow

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