Rohan De1

Rookie (20/09/1994 / Kolkata, West Bengal, India.)

Biography of Rohan De1

I am a student trying to look at the world from a different perspective. I try to draw my inspiration from my surroundings with nature and every day life influencing my literature. I believe in the philosophy of carpe-diem and my poems reflect this. I idolise Keats, Shelley, Rabindranath and Wordsworth and try to infuse their idiologies with my style. Updates

Men Of Shadows

Unheard, unseen, unknown are shadow's men,
Making in far flung places their humble den;
These unnamed heroes seek no glory,
Only achievements galvanise their story;
They watch others claim their prize,
With power, money and twisted lies;
React these exemplars not,
For prize they have not sought;
Naive are they not to glory savour?

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