Rohan De1

Rookie (20/09/1994 / Kolkata, West Bengal, India.)

Biography of Rohan De1

I am a student trying to look at the world from a different perspective. I try to draw my inspiration from my surroundings with nature and every day life influencing my literature. I believe in the philosophy of carpe-diem and my poems reflect this. I idolise Keats, Shelley, Rabindranath and Wordsworth and try to infuse their idiologies with my style. Updates

An Interview

The date and time and place are set,
The pleasantries, exchanged;
You have read my profile,
Yet I know not who you are;
You tell me to relax but you know that I can not.

Your questions I do answer,
Your face betrays not like nor dislike,
Suddenly you catch me of guard, a question unanticipated,

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