Rohan Nath

Rookie - 160 Points (02.08.1998 / Siliguri)

Rohan Nath Poems

1. The Last Page Of A King's Journal 1/1/2014
2. The Forgotten Death 6/3/2014
3. Lost 6/17/2014
4. Faith 6/17/2014
5. Mountain Of Glory 7/18/2014
6. Let Me Climb The Peak 7/18/2014
7. I'M Perfect 8/26/2014
8. Forgive Me 8/26/2014
9. Hope 9/26/2014
10. I Was Falling 10/2/2014
11. We Are Here To Support You (A Poem For All Cancer Victims) 10/10/2014
12. During Times Like This 10/14/2014
13. The Wedding 1/17/2014
14. ...And I Will Always Love You 1/19/2014
15. The Last Glimpse 2/5/2014
16. Battle Report To My Captain 3/24/2015
17. Angels Among Us 3/29/2015
18. When I Look At The Stars 4/2/2015
19. Close Your Eyes And Stare At Me 4/2/2015
20. Inspirations 1/4/2014
21. The Little Robin Flew 11/23/2014
22. Paranormal 1/3/2014
23. Journey 12/28/2013
24. When I Was A King 12/30/2013
25. A Great Deal To Discover 12/30/2013
26. Winter Walk 12/31/2013
27. Questions 12/27/2013
28. As The River Flowed 1/7/2014
29. Women 2/15/2014
30. Darjeeling 12/29/2013
31. Thank You Mother 1/2/2014
32. Cliffhanger 12/29/2013
Best Poem of Rohan Nath


Stay holding on to the moutain cliff!
Beacuse deep down below all you can find is grief.
You have come too far above touching the sky.
Imagine about all you have tolerated to come this high.
You may cry and you possibly will suffer.
But retreat is not your word, for you are a cliffhanger.

An accomplishment never comes too easy.
It's a long twisted road full of obstacles and too messy.
Let your hands sore; Let your legs be numb!
But do not be all gloomy then succumb.
Believe yourself and you can accomplish wonders.
Prove yourself mighty, for you are a ...

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Why can't we grasp each others hands and breathe like siblings?
Why can't we settle together in peace and sing?
Why do we seek power when collectively we are invulnerable?
Why do the powerful yet coward humans harass not strong but only feeble?
Why don't we give liberty to the slaves? Aren't they human too?
Don't they have spirit and life? Then why do we maintain them in due?
They work all day and night satisfying our needs and pleasures.
But still we count them low in our society s

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