Rohan Nath

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Rohan Nath Poems

1. Inspirations 1/4/2014
2. As The River Flowed 1/7/2014
3. The Wedding 1/17/2014
4. ...And I Will Always Love You 1/19/2014
5. The Last Glimpse 2/5/2014
6. Women 2/15/2014
7. The Forgotten Death 6/3/2014
8. Lost 6/17/2014
9. Faith 6/17/2014
10. Mountain Of Glory 7/18/2014
11. Let Me Climb The Peak 7/18/2014
12. I'M Perfect 8/26/2014
13. Forgive Me 8/26/2014
14. Hope 9/26/2014
15. I Was Falling 10/2/2014
16. We Are Here To Support You (A Poem For All Cancer Victims) 10/10/2014
17. During Times Like This 10/14/2014
18. Questions 12/27/2013
19. Journey 12/28/2013
20. When I Was A King 12/30/2013
21. A Great Deal To Discover 12/30/2013
22. Winter Walk 12/31/2013
23. The Last Page Of A King's Journal 1/1/2014
24. Thank You Mother 1/2/2014
25. Battle Report To My Captain 3/24/2015
26. Angels Among Us 3/29/2015
27. When I Look At The Stars 4/2/2015
28. Close Your Eyes And Stare At Me 4/2/2015
29. Darjeeling 12/29/2013
30. The Little Robin Flew 11/23/2014
31. Cliffhanger 12/29/2013
32. Paranormal 1/3/2014

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There are faded appearances on the wall.
Adjoining rooms gives a bloodcurdling bawl.
I notice a figure standing behind the mirror.
Please leave me unaccompanied, whoever you are!

There are rivers of blood whenever I run the faucet.
The ghastly air warns me regarding the threat.
The matured magnificent stairs gives a creek.
Please leave me unaccompanied, you devilish freak!

A dark black cat runs around the antechamber.
It glances at me and mocks me of my fear.
I can sense someone stalking me.
Please leave me unaccompanied, you grisly banshee! ...

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When I Was A King

These I kingdoms that once I owned.
Trumpets and drums were played before I enter.
Attendants march behind until I reach the throne.
Almighty! King Arthur! It's all I remember.

Who ever thought I would be the King.
Oceans ascends with my single glance.
Lands turn fertile with every step I bring.
Skies laugh with joy whenever the kingdom enhance.

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