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Although Roland Jooris published a relatively small number of poetry volumes over a period of forty years, they nevertheless succeeded in earning his a substantial reputation. In the wake of postwar experimentalism, in the late nineteen-fifties he published several hermetic collections, which he later rejected. Only ten years later did he ‘debut’ once more with poems in the vein of new realism, a trend in Dutch poetry that focuses on the ordinary day-to-day reality.In his work, Jooris goes in search of points of contact between poetry and reality. In his later work, too, reality remains the point of departure, but the poet endeavours to distil it even further, transforming it into a nucleus of calm, illusion and spiritualisation.

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Mist. Say
nothing now.
Much is withheld.
Little is much.
The word barely
moves barely
in the wind
that is nowhere.

Say nothing now.
Erase nothing.
In the introverted surface
of the evening. Against which
near nothing and nowhere.

Translated by Peter Nijmeijer