Romeo D. Matshaba

Biography of Romeo D. Matshaba

Romeo D. Matshaba is an inspiring figure in South African romantic literature. He is the author of several books including my memories in time and the romantic dreamer.

Romeo D. Matshaba's Works:

My memories in time
The last romantic
Sunnyside Mermaids
A painting Grows on your wall
Broken Brothers
Dark City
A thousand sails Updates

The Fears I Have

I fear, I will not be enough for that world outside,
I will not measure up to that who they expect me to be, want me to be.
I fear the one I breathe… the one I see, will only see another.
I fear for these faults I have, these weaknesses… those flaws.
Who will cherish, who will want… those flaws I have?
I fear, for my weigh on a machine...
It says repellent, it says obese
I fear, for my length on scale…
It says unattractive, it says midget

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