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Roger B. 19 September 2019

I read a book of poetry by Ron Padgett and I noticed ten minutes had passed. It was a good ten minutes.

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Emily 12 January 2019

Hello guys! Have any of you read the poem What are you on by Ron Padgett? I'm working on an assignment and I need some help regarding the interpretation. What is he talking about in that poem? Thank you in advance!

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Peter Gammie 18 January 2017

Oh for a rhyme!

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Yanina Audisio 10 September 2014

Such a fluid writing! Pagett´s poems lead you into a great swirl, while you think you´re just admiring the view. Greetings from Argentina.

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Chuck Goldman 16 January 2005

Since nobody wrote a comment about Ron Padgett i must correct this inequity! Ron Padgett is a hilarious and erudite (although i hate this word) poet, who has brought me to the point of wheezing, of holding up my hand to gesture STOP! i need to pee Ron Padgett has made me pee from laughter i love this poet, whose frenchness belies the fact that he is from Tulsa a very unfrench place. But if there is an aire apparent to Appollinaire a ladder to climb to greet old Max Jacob a strange urge to run when meeting Andre Breton it is a place held (oh so strongly) in my heart by Ron Padgett Chuck Goldman

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