Ron Poetry

Biography of Ron Poetry

Ron Poetry poet

Let me reintroduce myself...
I am a Ron Poetry,
A rhythm, a line,
Elaborated in time.
I am poetry
A work of art.
Fragmented heart.
I am poetry
A piece of a whole
Measure of a soul.
I am poetry.
A fraction of a story.
A meaning, with a glory.
I am whispered noise.
-Ron Poetry- Updates

Cherish Her

If she's the one you love and trust,
Who lives within your heart,
Then cherish her, for this you must,
Your true love to impart.
For love compels us to respond
To all we're meant to be,
Not just today, but far beyond,
For all eternity....
That's why God wants us at our best, Not coasting throughout life...

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