Ron Stock

Veteran Poet - 1,345 Points (4-19-1944 / Saginaw, Michigan)

Ron Stock Poems

1. Miss Spelling’s Be 4/14/2015
2. No Ordinary Laughing Cowboy He 6/10/2015
3. No One Loses Love That Isn't There 8/24/2016
4. A Love Poem For Endangered Species 8/24/2016
5. For A Few Hours We Were All The Same 8/24/2016
6. Do Not Become Attached Nor Afraid 8/24/2016
7. A Super Dull Pin Survives A Passionate Fantasy 8/24/2016
8. Exploring The Dark Side Of The Garden Of Eden 8/25/2016
9. The Unforgivable Sins Of Sodom And Gomorrah 8/25/2016
10. My Dysfunctional Baggage Clearance Sale 8/25/2016
11. An Old Rosewood Cane 8/25/2016
12. Bullies Of A Feather Fly Together 8/25/2016
13. Grampa Made A Boo Boo 8/27/2016
14. Answering The Call Of A Ghost 8/27/2016
15. A Silly Little Rhyming Love Poem (For Melody) 8/27/2016
16. Charles Darwin Was Jesus Christ Incarnate 8/27/2016
17. It's Never Too Late 8/27/2016
18. Marbles And Blood On A Black Stallion 8/29/2016
19. Sailing Under The Big Dipper To Zihuatanejo 8/29/2016
20. Puffy White And Hazy Gray Clouds Float 8/29/2016
21. Beethoven's Seventh Symphony In Tingling Glass Shards 9/4/2016
22. God Certainly Has An Odd Sense Of Humor 9/5/2016
23. Dancing With The Mafia On A Monday Afternoon 9/5/2016
24. Battling For My Sanity On The Insanity Ferry 9/8/2016
25. The Odoriferous, Visionary Life Of Carol Love 9/8/2016
26. Homo Sapiens Last Stand 9/14/2016
27. Dog Paddling With Chief Daddy's Indian Blood 9/14/2016
28. The Author Is Standing In Front Of You 1/20/2017
29. Shipwrecked Vowels 4/5/2015
30. Ballad Of Big Shot Bobby 4/8/2015
31. Religion Is God's Poison 4/12/2015
32. You Don't Gotta Go To No God-Damn School To Be A Poet 4/13/2015

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Best Poem of Ron Stock

You Don't Gotta Go To No God-Damn School To Be A Poet

My best friend of forty-five years died not too long ago
and like the fool I used to be I reacted with machismo.
I was building a home on a mesa of wild rabbits and sage,
thinking about my pal I was depressed, angry, in a rage.
I climbed near the top of a ten-foot ladder in this crummy mood,
afraid those feelings of my old friend's death might intrude
on my thoughts as I hammered a nail into a piece of soffit wood
and lost my precious balance as a man possessed of death should.
The ladder fell away, my left boot caught, the eyelet hooked, ...

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Shipwrecked Vowels

Now the hail - was a beast
With its ice - and its snow
And its plume

And the gale - brought the reef
Spared one life - took the boat
Luck was due

Next a wave - from the sea

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