ron strickland

Rookie (08-17-72 / Chicago, Illinois)

Biography of ron strickland

Chi-town raised.
Living just enough for the city.
The projects was my home,
So I always felt pitied.

Born in the 70's,
raised in the hood.
Blest with the caring hands of a loving mother,
but was usually misunderstood.

High I.Q.,
or so I was told,
Not encouraged to hit the books,
cuz I was 5'10' at 10 years old...

A artist hand in eye,
Designer of my own clothes.
But did'nt fit in with my peers,
Bcuz other guys hands I wouldn't hold.

Hit my 20's with the ladies,
is'nt that what we do?
Don't point the finger,
yeah you did it too!

Sobbered up to life,
saw the light of a new day.
Was determined not to be,
another baby daddy run-away!

Loved in lost,
lost in found.
Married with 3 blessings,
thats how I gets

Holding a study job,
even in this economic heat.
2 brothers employed in the whole building,
I'm always in the hot seat.

So I'll share my wordz,
I'll give this a try.
Bring your opinions,
I was born to do or die! Updates

Tv Stand.

Here we go.
Once upon a time,
not long ago.
There lived a couple of Teletubbies,
with mass afros.

Where laws were broke,
In justice was shot.
An the Jeffersons was invious,

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