Ronald Clark

Rookie (2/06/91 / Connecticut)

Biography of Ronald Clark

My name is Ronald Joseph Clark, and i live in Connecticut. I enjoy writting and i think i have a preety good nack for it. I write for myself and to share my thoughts and feelings with the people around me. I have heard positive and negative comments about my poetry and yet i really only care how i feel about thy writing. I am 16 years old and only more events in my life will create more oppurtunities for me to write. I love writing poetry but my real passion is to write novels. I plan on going to college for literature. I am good friends with John Stanizzi, whos poerty book won Poetry book of the month in December of 06. I was also good friends with Hugh Ogden before he passed away. THese people inspire along with my family, friend, and others around me. I write about anything whenever it comes to mind. People in my school know i write and some think im a fairy for it and others think its cool, and thats why i love it. THank you and i hope you like my poetry.

Ronald Clark's Works:

None yet, just simply writting for the pleasure. Updates

'Needed Confession'

Openly say what I don't want to hear
Bend my fingers back
The light to show me the way
Has burnt out long ago
Flies in my ears
Can't hear what you say
I didn't want it this way
Kiss the devil, on the forhead
Burn my eyes

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