Ronald Ramirez Jaramillo

Rookie (Cali, Colombia)

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Ronald Ramirez Jaramillo poet

My Name is Ronald Ramirez. I was Born in Cali a city southwest in Colombia South America, I have always struggle expressing my thoughts to others in person. since a very young age i adopted to write about my thoughts. knowing that it was not healthy to keep everything inside. I became interested with writing poetry. I came to live in United States at the age of 17, (1999) . Introduced to the land of the free and the home of the brave made me who I am today. I am pursuing my career as a health care provider, but, today my soul takes other path thanks to Poemhunter for unleashing my mind. Updates

Fear To Love

The pleasure of dreaming to share with you
The anxiety of having you satisfies my fear
Fear to love don't bear me any grudge dear
Is more satisfying to dream than to have you

translated from Spanish

Temor de Amar
El placer de son~ar con compartir contigo

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