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Tired of Being Exploited 29 January 2008

Per Scars Visions and Anchors: The roads we chose were guided by misinterpretation, held against this reality by love we languish until untethered. Upon division shall we consider ourselves paid in full, or more in debt?

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Emily Courtney 11 October 2007

Thanks for the comment i think... I like your work too?

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David Wilson 24 September 2007

So far i read two of your poems...and i like them both...You seem like a pretty intelligent guy and I appreciate your feedback keep up the good work and the sense of humor if thats what it was! ! (Bad Poetry)

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Aidin Azarkerdar 12 January 2007

ronald is verry best poet.I thing ronald's poetry is verry verry strong...he know what is pencil...and have alot of knowlage and memories about war..maybe I can't send comment to his all of poems but I can send comment for him and tell: I Love his minds and I tell to him: [[[goodluck ronald...good luck best soldier poet]]]

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