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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 November 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our family we offer a title of honour to poet Ronell Warren Alman born on 26 August 1974 in New York City, NY, USA as, 'August Memory. This title is offered to him due to his high-standard literary perseverance and valuable contribution to the world literature. From today onward he will be known as August Memory Ronell Warren Alman. We hope all poets, visitors and people will like this.

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Ronell Warren Alman 05 November 2018

Excellent and great job

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hairy botter 31 October 2018

ur poems are so goo, bad

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alluh 31 October 2018

ur poems are bad noooooob

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noobhunter 17 October 2018

fort nite is ghey bye bye now take the L

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noobhunter 17 October 2018

fortnite is ghey noob by bye now take the L

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 18 August 2018

Hi Ronell. I enjoy reading your work. Some nice stuff. Stay committed to being just who you are. You have been gifted with many talents. You are blessed. Thanks again for sharing with the world. -LSP-

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Bre Alexander 06 May 2018

I’m doin a project about one of you poems where can I find your biography at

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Anonymous 02 March 2018

Can you provide more in your biography because I really like your poems

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David Joe Jr. 26 January 2018

i agree dont do drugs

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