Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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Just Keep On Pushing

Just keep on pushing
You can go really far
You have to have that strong will
In order to be that shining star

Get Out There And See The World

Get out there and see the world
Travel along the sea accordingly
Take in those gentle breezes
And admire the beautiful scenery

Determination And Ability

Stay determined
And give it your best
You have the ability
Just strive for excellence

In A Jubilant Demeanor

In a jubilant demeanor
And striving for greatness
Making her parents proud
With the report card of excellence

You Are Just Standing There In The Dark

You are just standing there in the dark
The look on your face seems grim
The lady of your life has taken lots of abuse
Your outlook looks mighty slim

Let Your Steps

Let your steps
Lead you to the right path
Continue on your journey
You can get your strength back

Time Will Not Always Be There

Time will not always be there
This you will soon find out
Take care of the matter the best that you can
As moments come about

Life May Be Fleeting But, It Is Worth It

Life may be fleeting but, it is worth it
Live it day by day
Let the journey challenge you
In every step of the way

With Every Road

With every road
There often leaves a trail
Some are led to darkness
Whereas, others prevail

It Is Quite Possible Once More

It is quite possible once more
For you to do well
Continue to study
Be the one who excels