Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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Girl, Whenever I Look At You

Girl, whenever I look at you
I can see your pretty smile
Beautiful and charming
Peachy and mild

Today Is A Brand New Day

Today is a brand new day
Time to start over
Reach for new heights
Maybe even find a four-leaf clover

Girl, He Has Left You Brokenhearted

Girl, he has left you brokenhearted
He was just plain no good
I tried to warn you about him
So did everyone in the neighborhood

Girl, Feeling Your Loving Touch

Girl, feeling your loving touch
Is all that I want to do
I treasure every moment we share
I just want to be with you

Over Four Thousand People (And Counting)

Over four thousand people
Have lost their lives
It is just a shame
They can no longer strive

Girl, Do Not Be Scared

Girl, do not be scared
Come and get my love
Just talk to me
You are as sweet as a dove

You Are Throwing Your Life Away

You are throwing your life away
Your head is in the water
Messing around with drugs
As your world gets smaller

Girl, You Truly Are A Master Gem

Girl, you truly are a master gem
You have so much to live for
But you take his abuse
And you continue to ignore

Girl, Do You Hear Me

Girl, do you hear me
I want to know your name
Just come to me
I am not here to play any games

Girl, Tell Me What Is Bothering You

Girl, tell me what is bothering you
You can talk to me
When I look at your face
I see nothing but misery