Ronell Warren Alman Poems

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The World Will Keep Turning

The world will keep turning
Always let the people hear your voice
Be the one who encourages
Guide one another to make the right choice

The Roads Will Always Be There

The roads will always be there
Figure out the best path for you to take
The journey will serve its purpose
Where you end up traveling to, may determine your fate

Through The Darkness

Through the darkness
The light always appears
To take away the emptiness
Along with those fears

Always Speak From The Heart

Always speak from the heart
Be the one who inspires
Continue to teach the youth
Encourage them to reach higher

Better Days Are Coming

Better days are coming
The darkness will eventually give way to the light
Courage and confidence returns
We strive to make things right

Continue With Your Determination

Always stay determined
And never ever quit
Continue to give it your all
Be fierce bit by bit

We Struggle With Lessons That Are There

Everyday is a struggle
The lessons are there
We must live life more carefully
In order to conquer

Girl, Together We Build Our Strength

Girl, together we build our strength
When we lift each other up
We make our happiness each day
As we rise to the top

The Little Children Need You

The little children need you
For guidance and protection
Just be there for them always
Be their inspiration and motivation

Be Willing And Able With A Great Deal

The ability is there
Along with a strong will
Build yourself up
Learn a valuable skill