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1. No Common Place Thing 4/13/2015
2. Banana Man 4/13/2015
3. Loneliness And U 4/13/2015
4. Dont Leaf Me Hangin 5/1/2015
5. Mountains Of Tibet 5/1/2015
6. Her Heart 5/1/2015
7. The Only Gap In My Heart 5/1/2015
8. Post Run Honesty 5/1/2015
9. This Moment 2/19/2014
10. 2014 And Confused. 2/20/2014
11. Eating My Culture 2/3/2016
12. That Day In The Park; Headphoneless 2/5/2016
13. Cool Guy Blues 3/16/2016
14. A Shame Poem 3/26/2016
15. Clouds, Me And Everything In Between 3/28/2016
16. On Why I Am Unhappy 3/29/2016
17. Ifarmer 4/12/2016
18. Comparison 7/4/2016
19. Little Willie 9/13/2016
20. Really Seeing People In An Airport In Bangkok (The 7 Hour Layover) 9/13/2016
21. A Man Named Anxious 12/15/2016
22. Rainrainrainrainrainrainrainrain 1/5/2017
23. A Poem About Tomorrow 1/8/2017
24. Tardis 2/19/2014
25. Look At Me: A Slam Poem 3/2/2014
26. Looking To 2/8/2016
27. An Ugly One 1/2/2016
28. A Slam Poem 2/23/2014
29. Microwave 3/15/2016
30. Oops I Did It Again 11/20/2015

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Oops I Did It Again

(ain't no sunshine)

ain't no sunshine
when she's gone
easy, Jesus
I know I work a lot
but winter came
awful quickly
I know I know I know
you're straight as
cupids arrow
come closer
wonder where she's gone
she's gone
ain't no sunshine
when she's gone
it's okay
I'll warm my naked fingers
by the oven
or by the
fire on your head
just promise
close eyed growling
until you remember
how crooked we
could be.

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This Moment

With every insignificant breath,
with every mindless moment,
you feel.
How simple it is,
when these actions
are lead by your spirit,
and you're graced with happiness.
A surge of
positive energy,

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